Olean Department of Public Works

City of Olean
Department of Public Works

Tom Windus, Director of Public Works
Olean Municipal Bldg.
(716) 376-5650 phone
(716) 376-5644 fax
or email twindus@cityofolean.org

Thank you for visiting the City of Olean Department of Public Works website. The City of Olean Department of Public Works is the largest and most diverse branch of city government consisting of 10 divisions that provide a wide range of essential services to the residents and businesses.  Some of our responsibilities include:

  • operation and maintenance of city airport,

  • maintenance of city streets and parking lots,

  • maintenance of water distribution lines,

  • treatment and distribution of water,

  • water and sewer billings, water meter readings,

  • wastewater collection and treatment,

  • maintenance of stormwater and wastewater lines,

  • oversight of capital improvements,

  • maintenance of City vehicles and equipment,

  • maintenance of parks, fields, and playground equipment,

  • tree maintenance,

  • traffic signal maintenance

  • maintenance of city buildings and facilities.

Please contact our department with any questions or concerns.  We are here to assist you.  Thank you.