Olean Department of Public Works

Yard Waste & Recycling 2015


The Yard Waste Disposal Site located at the corner of Front Street & Seneca Avenue is officially closed.  The City is no longer opening the facility. We are, instead, offering curbside pickup - six times per year. It will be the last Wednesday of each month - April through September.

***Yard Waste is NOT affected by the Holiday Schedule***

Recycling your waste is easy! Conveniently dispose of grass. leaves, limbs and other brush on your property with no additional fee for collection.

Collection Schedule

Yard Waste Rules

2015 Holiday Refuse Pickup Schedule

Memorial Day: One day later (all week)
Independence Day: All days on schedule
Labor Day: One day later (all week)
Thanksgiving Day: Monday-Wednesday on schedule
  Thursday-Friday one day later
Christmas Day: Monday-Thursday on schedule
  Friday only is one day later
New Year's Day: Monday-Thursday on schedule
  Friday only is one day later

Click here for a Refuse Collection Schedule Map (pdf)

Recycling (see www.zerosort.com for more details)

Acceptable Not Acceptable
  • Cardboard: Cereal Boxes, Pasta Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Pizza Boxes
  • Paper: Newspapers, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Catalogs, Soft Cover Books, Telephone Books, Brown Bags, Magazines and Inserts
  • Plastic: Containers #1-#7 (Milk Jugs, Bleach Detergent, Shampoo  Bottles, etc.)
  • Glass: Bottles and Containers (Any color)
  • Cans: Aluminum, Tin, Steel Containers, (Pie Plates/Trays/Foil)
  • Window Glass, Mirrors and Light Bulbs
  • Dishes, Pyrex, Ceramics
  • Foam Packaging, Styrofoam, Plastic Bags
  • Recyclables containing Food Waste, Paint or Oils
  • Hazardous Material or Universal Waste


Consumer Confidence Report (pdf)
Property Owner Rental Agreement
Waste & Recycling
Seasonal Information
Request for Proposals
Permit Fee Schedule
Wastewater Master Plan (pdf)