Olean Department of Public Works

Go Green!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Go Green?

Go Green is an initiative by the City of Olean Department of Public Works Water Office to encourage customers to use electronic billing and payments.  Paperless billing and payments save time and money and most importantly helps the environment!  Click here to register for paperless billing.

2. How do I sign up for paperless billing?

OPTION 1: Call the Water Office at 716-376-5657, be sure to have your account number handy.

OPTION 2: Online:

3. How can I pay my bill if I use electronic billing?

The same way you can currently pay:

4. What forms of payment can I use to pay a water bill online?

We currently accepts the following credit cards for online payment of water bills:

5. How do I know that my payment was made?

After completing the payment process, a Confirmation Page with a corresponding Confirmation Number will be displayed. You are encouraged to print this page for your records.  You will also receive an email confirmation.

6. How will I know if my payment is received by the City of Olean Water Department before the bill due date?

Payments can be verified by the Water Department and customers can also see payments immediately under transactions on the online payment website.

7. My e-mail address has changed. How do I update my e-mail address so that I can receive the bill notices?

  1. Log in to our online payment website here.
  2. Click on Member Profile in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on Edit Profile.
  4. Update your email address.
  5. Click Save Profile.

8. What other information is available on the online payments website?

In addition to paying your bill, you can also view previous transactions (back to 2008) based on your choices of start and end dates.  You can also review your last 2 years of water consumption.