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It’s Been a Long Winter
Olean’s North Union Street Needs a Little Sunshine and Plenty of Color

April 4, 2014 Olean  ̶ William J. Aiello, Mayor of Olean, announced the fourth annual “Adopt-a-Planter” program for North Union Street. In previous years business and individuals took on the challenge to beautify the street with flowers and foliage in the spring, summer and early autumn. Many businesses landscaped in front of their establishments; other businesses and individuals planted, nurtured and watered their personal arrangements in the planters along the street. The program adds life and color to Olean’s business district.

What’s new this year? Plenty: under the previous administration twenty-five new planters were purchased. They have been delivered and are waiting in a warehouse for a break in the weather to be distributed along Olean’s business district.

The new planters, purchased from Scott’s, were manufactured in the United States by the Auburn company EarthPlanter. Made of molded plastic with a thirty-two inch diameter, the planters are self-watering, using the company’s Rapidwick™ watering system. The planters have a rolled rim and are millstone in color.

According to Tom Windus, the Director of Olean’s Public Works Department the North Union Street revitalization project will not hamper this year’s Adopt-a-Planter program. Mr. Windus said, “The earliest we can start work is sometime in late September and more likely mid-October. Even with the start of work this fall the contractor will not be able to start real construction until the summer of 2015.” Once the North Union Street renovation is started, the planters will be moved to other locations within the city.

Mayor Aiello added, “The Adopt-a-Planter program, originally suggested by Laurie McCarthy of McCarthy’s Emporium, is a great way to brighten our business district and give Olean that hometown touch. I am very appreciative of all the business owners and individuals who take on the responsibility of landscaping North Union Street whether it is on their own or by adopting a planter.”

Many of the participants from prior years have expressed an interest and are shedding their winter gloves to expose their green thumbs. But more volunteers are needed. If you are interested in adopting a planter, please call the Mayor’s office at 716-376-5615.