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City of Olean Announces 30 Day Grace Peiord Before "Booting" of Vehicles Commences

March 9, 2016—Olean— At their March 8, 2016 Regular Meeting, the Olean Common Council unanimously voted to give the Olean Chief of Police the power to remove, immobilize and store vehicles that have numerous outstanding parking violations.

This new ordinance that allows the Olean Police Department to “boot” vehicles is effective immediately. However, the City of Olean is giving residents a 30 day grace period to pay fines before booting will commence.

“The City does not want to punish our residents,” Mayor William J. Aiello said. “We have a number of outstanding tickets and our job is to make sure that these violations are paid. Booting the violators will help the City get paid, but we want to give residents the chance to pay their tickets before dealing with both the aggravation and the further expense of immobilization.”

Tickets can be paid in the City Clerk’s Office in the Municipal Building. If residents have any questions regarding their tickets, please call Christine Sherlock at 376-5674.