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March 18, 2016—Olean— The City of Olean Neighborhood Preservation Committee (CONPC) is gearing-up to hit the streets again this year. Armed with bags, gloves and safety vests, the volunteers will start cleaning-up the litter that the winter has left behind.

The committee enlists volunteers to clean a given area from the first weekend in May until the last weekend in October. Various groups and individuals adopt areas and make their own schedule for cleaning the location. Some volunteers go out once a week, others once a month; the scheduling is entirely up to the individual volunteer.

“We are encouraging volunteers to get a jump on the mess that winter has created by coordinating their initial clean-up effort with the Earth Day celebration on April 22,” said Lila Ervay, the committee’s co-chairman along with Casey Jones. “We currently have a number of volunteer groups consisting of schools, businesses, churches and service agencies, to name just a few. In addition we have over 30 individuals who have adopted certain streets and areas of the city.”

Despite the enthusiastic response to the clean-up program, more volunteers are needed. “We still have many streets in the city that need attention,” Lila Ervay added. “We are grateful for any volunteer help we receive—no matter how little time a person might be able to dedicate to this cause. Nothing is more productive that the collective efforts of many people banding together for a common cause.”

“The City of Olean Neighborhood Preservation Committee has had a very positive effect on Olean. The efforts of the Committee have kept the litter off of our streets, but we need help from property owners,” said William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean. “The Committee asks that residents maintain their property and keep it free of litter and other debris. In most instances it is no more than a 5-10 minute job, once a week, to clean up a yard and sidewalk area.”

“I would also like to remind our residents who use the Westons Mills Transfer Station that their loads should be tied down when travelling through the city,” Mayor Aiello added. “The Committee has frequently noticed that trash and debris, intended for the transfer station, is scattered about our neighborhoods after falling out of a truck.”

“I appreciate all the efforts of Lila and Casey and their committee. Their dedication to our community makes Olean a great place to live and work,” said Mayor Aiello.

For information about the cleanup endeavor, please contact Lila Ervay at 373-0677.


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