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Volunteers Help Make Olean Great Place to Live

September 21, 2018—Olean— William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, would like to thank the numerous volunteers who have helped to weed the gardens on North Union Street, who tend to the gardens in Lincoln Park and the Bartlett House, who clean Oak Hill Park, and who continuously, throughout spring, summer and fall, pick up litter throughout the City.

“We put out a call for volunteers to help weed North Union Street in mid-summer and the response was outstanding; by the end of the week the gardens surrounding the four corners at the intersection of State and Union Streets were clear of weeds and pristine,” Mayor Aiello said. “And just as quickly, other gardens throughout the corridor were being tended to by community members and organizations. There was a job to do and residents stepped-up and helped-out. I am very thankful for their effort.”

Mayor Aiello added, “The volunteer spirit in our community is amazingly strong and has been for years. I want to also thank the many volunteers who pick-up litter. Under the organization of Lila Ervay, this volunteer group starts to clean the streets in April and they don’t stop until the snow falls. Their job is hard: the litter in Olean is overwhelming, but they make it seem like we do not have a litter problem.”

“We also have volunteers who take a number of Olean’s parks and facilities under their wing. If you drive past Lincoln Park you can’t help but notice the beautiful flowers around our memorials and the gazebo. This work is completed by volunteers: throughout the seasons they tend to the flowers. The Bartlett House is known for its beautiful gardens, the property is alive with flowers from May until October. If you haven’t seen the gardens before, you might want to stop by before the frost kicks-in,” Mayor Aiello added.

“A group of Olean High School students were in Oak Hill Park just the other day. I want to thank the students and the staff of the high school; they have essentially adopted Oak Hill Park. In the spring they staged a massive clean-up and they didn’t stop there. When they noticed a high school staff member weeding the Oak Hill garden, students were very quick to help her out and they filled numerous bags with weeds and debris,” Mayor Aiello continued. “We are very lucky to have that kind of community spirit in our school system.”

“Olean is a great place to live; our residents are committed to our community and work hard to make sure Olean looks topnotch all the time. I would however, like to remind residents who smoke to make sure that they discard their cigarettes correctly. The common observation by many of our volunteers is that it is very difficult to pick up cigarette butts and that they are discarded improperly throughout the City.” Mayor Aiello said.

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