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Grass Ordinance and Other Spring Reminders

April 22, 2019—Olean— Temperatures are rising; the snow on Mount Herman is long gone and if you look closely the trees show a little dapple of green; all indications that springtime in Olean has launched. William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, would like to remind residents about City policies and ordinances that take effect each spring.

Litter and the disposal of cigarette butts is a main concern this spring. Littering is not acceptable in the City of Olean; Sec. 20-8 of the Code of Ordinances says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to place, throw, or deposit or cause to be placed, thrown, or deposited any waste upon any sidewalk, subway, street, alley, lane, gutter or any public ground in the City or into any stream or upon the banks of any stream running through or adjacent to the city.”

Cigarette butts are unsightly; they are difficult for our volunteers to pick up and dispose of; and they can be a hazard. Over the past couple of weeks the City’s Streets division has been busy laying mulch in the North Union Street gardens and the City’s emergency services has been called numerous times to extinguish smoldering cigarette butts tossed out of passing cars. Many businesses have put ashtrays in front of their establishments to collect butts to alleviate the problem. Mayor Aiello asks residents to use the available receptacles to dispose of butts properly.

“The City of Olean Neighborhood Preservation Committee and many other volunteer groups are starting to clean-up the litter that was left behind by winter,” Mayor Aiello said. “These volunteer groups have a very positive effect on our City and work hard to rid the City of litter. If resident wants to join the clause, we have bags and gloves in my office. Please call Lila Ervay at 716-373-0677 or email to find an area that needs attending then stop by and grab a bag or two. The work these groups do is amazing and on behalf of the City of Olean I would like thank each and every volunteer.”

The grass ordinance (Sec. 16-2) is in effect from May 1 until October 15. It states that the grass shall not exceed eight inches in height. The City’s Code Enforcement Office has the authority to enforce this ordinance and will notify the owner in the event of a violation. In addition clippings and other yard wastes are not to be disposed of in the street. The City’s lawmakers barred yard debris from the street because it fills the storm sewer system and may lead to localized backups and possible flooding of the streets.

To help residents dispose of clippings, leaves and small limbs, the City does offer a curb side yard waste pick-up on the last Wednesday of each month from April to September. This program will start on April 24, 2019. Yard waste must be in brown paper bags or containers no larger than thirty pounds; plastic bags are not permitted. Brush and limbs must be bundled together, no larger than three feet by eighteen inches and secured by twine or rope, wire is not acceptable.

“Finally the City of Olean is in the process of scheduling a Clean-up Week and more details of this program will be available in the near future,” said Mayor Aiello. “The spring cleaning of Olean is a joint effort between our residents and the City, and I appreciate all the work that everyone does throughout the spring to make our community shine.”

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