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Downtown Olean Beautification

May 9, 2019—Olean— The Downtown Olean Beautification Committee is hard at work preparing for another season of color and beauty on Olean’s North Union Streetscape. William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, is asking for volunteers to help the Committee achieve this goal.

“Our North Union Street corridor is unique in New York State and the Committee has capitalized on this investment,” Mayor Aiello said. “Last year planters, filled with flowers in an array of eye-popping colors, were added to the median and the roundabouts. In addition the committee suggested, and added to the gardens along the street, a number of plants that bloomed all summer.”

“We received plenty of compliments last year and are hoping to continue that success this summer, Mayor Aiello added. “In addition to the planters, the committee has arranged for red roses to carpet the medians, which presently are filled with daffodils and tulips.”

Last year in mid-summer the gardens were invaded by weeds. As the gardens play an important role in Olean’s sustainable storm water practice, the City cannot use herbicides and that makes them susceptible to weed growth. Luckily a number of residents, businesses and service organizations volunteered to help keep the weeds in the gardens under control.

“Many of last year’s volunteers have already agreed to continue weeding this year and I am very appreciative of their help. We can always use more volunteers to help keep our beautiful gardens in tiptop shape,” Mayor Aiello said.

The City of Olean hopes that individuals or entities will volunteer to weed a section of garden throughout the season. In return the City will place a sign in each garden recognizing the volunteer. The City will help volunteering individuals learn to identify weeds. In addition the city will provide gloves to protect hands and bags in which to discard the weeds.

Mayor Aiello said, “Please contact my office for more information about volunteering to weed. And, if you volunteered last year and will continue to do so this year, please contact my office. Finally, if you know any of the committee members please thank them for their dedication.”

Committee members are Sue Cooper, Melissa DeRose, Mary Droney, Joey Enright, Laurie McCarthy, Alicia Rowley, Pat Driscoll and Kevin Vogel.

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