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Delinquent Water/Sewer Report

October 18, 2019—Olean— On a weekly basis the City of Olean updates the Delinquent Water/Sewer Report by Name and Address and posts it to the City’s website at As of October 10, 2019 the report indicated that $525,242.11 was outstanding.

In March of each year all outstanding water/sewer amounts are transferred to the property tax bill of the tax payer who owns the property and thus places a lien on the property. This mechanism allows the City of Olean to be paid in full for water and sewage usage.

“I have heard that there are number of comments on Facebook about the outstanding dollar amount of the City’s water and sewer bills and want to make it perfectly clear that I, as Mayor of the City of Olean, as well as the City’s Alderman and staff, understand our fiduciary responsibility to our residents and make every effort to collect monies that are due to the City,” said William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean.

“The city has made great strides in collecting unpaid parking tickets, reducing the outstanding balance by close to $100,000. In addition, like our water/sewer policy, we have put mechanisms in place that will help control the balance of unpaid parking tickets,” Mayor Aiello added.

“We are very proud of our website as it is filled with information for our residents and I understand how some of the data can be misinterpreted,” Mayor Aiello said. “I ask residents to please give me a call if they have questions about something they see on the City’s website and allow us to clarify misunderstandings.”

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