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COVID-19 Update from the Mayor

March 21, 2020—Olean—

Here’s what the governor told New Yorkers to expect:

Businesses considered nonessential must keep all of their workers at home.

Those older than 70 and those who have compromised immune systems or have underlying illnesses should stay indoors as much as possible to limit their exposure to the coronavirus. Plus, stronger restrictions for these groups, including having to wear a mask when in the company of others.

Those under 70 and healthy may leave the house for short periods of time to exercise, take a walk and participate in non-contact physical activities as long as they stand six feet apart, enough distance to keep contagion at bay.

Public transportation will remain open, but roads and mass transit should only be used as a last resort.

Gatherings of any size will be prohibited.

A number of businesses deemed essential will remain open during the pandemic, officials said.

They include grocery stores, restaurants offering takeout or delivery, pharmacies, health care providers, banks, gas stations, liquor stores, child care providers, funeral homes and others.

Governor Cuomo, who reminded New Yorkers these limitations weren’t optional, said he planned to visit the city Saturday afternoon ahead of the executive order’s implementation.

“These provisions will be enforced,” he said. “These are not helpful hints.”

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