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Clarification of Fireworks Cancellation

May 24, 2021—Olean— William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, would like to announce that the City of Olean did not cancel the Fourth of July Fireworks Display. The City has not sponsored the fireworks display for decades, it has been a production of the City of Olean Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 1796, supported by local donations.

“When I started my career with the Olean Police Department in 1974, the fireworks were sponsored by the Dempsey Club, P.B.A. The Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 1796 took on the responsibility and has worked hard for years to secure the funds necessary to produce the firework display,” Mayor Aiello said. “The City of Olean supports the fireworks by providing Bradner Stadium for the event and also providing support from our Police Department and our Department of Public Works, but has never sponsored the fireworks show.”

“It is unfortunate that the Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 1796 had to cancel the fireworks this year, but it was their decision and not the decision of the City of Olean. The Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 1796 decision was based on a number of factors, including the multitude of uncertainty, regarding future New York State gathering requirements and varying levels of logistical concerns. Their decision was made with careful consideration including looking at the current area vaccination rates and talking with area healthcare professionals,” Mayor Aiello added.

“I am grateful for the hard work that the Professional Fire Fighters Association has done every year to provide our residents and those in the surrounding communities with a superior fireworks display to celebrate American Independence. I look forward to next year, when hopefully we will be past the effects of the pandemic, and the Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 1796 will be able to return to the tradition,” Mayor Aiello said.

Mayor Aiello noted that all events held on City Property will have to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and adopted by New York State and the Cattaraugus County Health Department.