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Olean Public Library to Offer Supplies to Litter Volunteers 

July 9, 2021—Olean— William J. Aiello, Mayor of the City of Olean, is pleased to announce that the Olean Public Library has offered to be a partner in the City of Olean Volunteer Litter Control Program. In addition to the Mayor’s office, supplies for volunteers, including bags and gloves, will be available at the Olean Public Library, centrally located at 134 North Second Street. Supplies will be available at the Circulation Desk.

The City of Olean Volunteer Litter Control Program was formally started 11 years ago by Lila Ervay and the late Casey Jones. Mrs. Ervay coordinated the program by securing volunteers to clean a given area from the first weekend in May until the last weekend in October. Various groups and individuals adopt areas and make their own schedule for cleaning the location. Some volunteers go out once a week, others once a month. Scheduling is entirely up to the individual volunteer. The Mayor’s office
partnered with the program and supplied bags and gloves for the volunteers. This year Mrs. Ervay stepped down as the coordinator of the program and Mayor Aiello’s office assumed the responsibility.

“Lila Ervay’s contribution to the litter control in Olean has been exceptional, she has been picking-up litter for 24 years; along the way she amassed a group of volunteers and designed a program that works for them,” Mayor Aiello said. “The efforts of the volunteers is significant. They rid our business district and neighborhoods of the unsightly litter which afflicts the entire City, and they continue their work through three of the four seasons. It is hard work and because of their diligence, we rarely see the litter problem that exists in our community.”

“I am pleased that my office was able to take up Lila’s responsibilities and that the Olean Public Library has offered to be another place for volunteers to obtain the supplies that the City provides,” Mayor Aiello added. “We are always looking for new volunteers for the program. In fact, there are a number of areas that need attention, including Seneca Avenue from Front Street to Clark Street. I ask anyone interested in volunteering to please call my office at 716-376-5615.”