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Frequently Asked Questions

When are building permits required?

Permits are required for just about any work being conducted. When in doubt... always call and inquire. Permits are not required for accessory sheds of 99sf or less, siding, window replacement of the same dimensions, fences, and changes to existing fixtures within the building.  You should contact the Codes office for zoning issues as you must still comply with zoning setback regulations.

Does the installation of a swimming pool require a permit?

Yes! Pools that are permanently installed require a permit and must comply with strict barrier standards. These standards will be posted on the web-site in the spring through the summer. Portable swimming pools 24 inches or deeper also require barrier protection. They are illegal if not completely enclosed with a barrier (fence) completely around the pool at a height of 48 inches.

How close to the property line can I put a fence? Does the "good" side have to face the neighbor?

Fences are not regulated by code other than a few zoning issues in regard to front yards so they can be placed along the property line. We always recommend leaving enough room off of the property line to maintain both sides of the fence without trespassing. The "good" side does not have to face the neighbor.