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Fireworks Safety

City of Olean
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Fireworks Safety

Contact: Robert Bell
Fire Chief

The City of Olean Department of Fire, Building, and Emergency Services encourages you and your family to attend the Firefighters Local 1796 public fireworks display on the fourth of July; however if you choose to celebrate with your own fireworks please remember that New York State bans all consumer fireworks. Fireworks may appear to be harmless, but their effects can be deadly. Every year, thousands of people suffer serious injuries and numerous fires are caused by the use of illegal fireworks - these are injuries and fires that can, and should be prevented.

Nearly two thirds of fireworks-related injuries are caused by backyard, "class C" fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets and sparklers. However, the most sever injuries are typically caused by powerful "class B" fireworks. According to section 270 of the state Penal Law, all "class B & C: fireworks are illegal in New York State and the Federal Hazardous Substance Act, prohibits sale of the more dangerous types to the public to avoid injury and property damage. Among these banned products are large, reloadable mortar shells, cherry bombs, aerial bombs, M-80's and large firecrackers with more than 2 grains of powder. Likewise, all mail order kits to construct fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Our Independence Day is a great reason for celebration, but we all need to remember that consumer fireworks in New York State are banned. I urge everyone to celebrate safely. Don't break the law and put you or your loved ones at unnecessary risk by playing with fireworks. Attending the Olean Firefighters Local 1796 public fireworks display is a great way to honor our tradition of Independence and celebrate the anniversary of our nation's birth.

Following are some safety precautions to take while celebrating the Fourth of July.


Robert Bell
Fire Chief