Olean Fire Investigation Team Header

The Team

Our team is made up of members from both the Olean Police Department and the Olean Fire Department.

Fire Department
Captain Mike Connelly
Lieutenant Pat Zink
Firefighter Dan Gonska
Firefighter Terry Gaylor Jr.

Police Department
Captain Jeff Rowley
Sergeant Andrew Langdon
Patrolman Brian Cross
Patrolman Barry Clawson
Patrolman Lance Edwards

The primary responsibilities of the fire investigator are to determine the origin and cause of a fire scene. Fire investigators use the standard guide as set forth in NFPA 921 and determine a fire cause in one of four categories:

  1. Incendiary – Fires that are intentionally and maliciously set
  2. Accidental – Fires caused by non-malicious electrical, mechanical, chemical, nuclear and/or careless means
  3. Undetermined – Fires that may have more than one possible ignition source and therefore cannot prove one definitive source of a single ignition point
  4. Natural – Fires ignited by acts of nature, such as lightning