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Call List

Day Night Calls

This shows how many calls we had during the day and during the night. The top two rows show how many calls we had with the third row showing the total number of calls. The final two rows show the percentage of the calls. The total column shows the final percent of the day calls and the night calls.

When an Engine Company assisted the Ambulance, it was counted as one call, instead of two separate calls. At Motor Vehicle Accidents, there was usually more than one patient, but it was only put down as one call. The numbers of patients were not counted.

To determine when calls are during the Day Time and when the are durning the Night Time we used the following guidelines…. Day time calls - 0730hrs to 1630hrs and for Night time calls - 1630hrs to 0730hrs. They coincide with our shifts.

District Calls

Broken down to show the 2 districts. The railroad tracks still separate the City. They are divided into Central Fire Station and Fire Station #1.

Double Triple Quad Calls

This report shows how many times we have had multiple calls at the same time. When an ambulance and an engine company go out together or just a single ambulance goes out, that is considered a single call. When you have an ambulance and an engine company out or just a single ambulance out and a second call comes in for another ambulance and or engine company, that is considered to be a double call. The same thing goes for triple and quadruple calls.

Monthly Runs

Breaks down the double, triple, and quadruple calls. Gives dates, time, units that responded and the number of personnel that also responded. 

PCR Breakdown


Shows the number of times any of our units respond to a call.