What To Do About Domestic Violence

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One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of her husband or boyfriend.

Very few will tell anyone—not a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or the police.

Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life—all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions. They share feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear, and shame.

All hope it won't happen again, but often it does.

Are You Abused? Does the Person You Love...

If you answer "yes" to even a few of these questions, it's time to get help!

If You Are Hurt, What Can You Do?

There are no easy answers, but there are things you can do to protect yourself:

Get medical attention from your doctor or a hospital emergency room. Ask the staff to photograph your injuries and keep detailed records in case you decide to take legal action.

Don't Ignore the Problem!

Have You Hurt Someone in Your Family?

The High Costs of Domestic Violence

Take a Stand!

This information has been collected from information supplied by a collaboration of the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Sheriff's Association and Radio Shack.