Helping Friends with Drug and Alcohol Problems

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Has a friend become moody, short-tempered, and hostile?  Does he seem "spaced out?"  Is she suddenly failing courses and hanging out with kids you don't trust?

Stop and think about it. Your friend may have an alcohol or other drug problem.

Here are some additional signs of drug or alcohol abuse:

If your friend acts this way, it is not a guarantee that he or she has an alcohol or other drug problem. You need to compare behavior now to behavior in the past. But it's better to say something and be wrong than to say nothing and find out later that you were right to be worried.

How to Talk to a Friend Who's in Trouble

Take Control of Your Life and Decide Not to Use Drugs!

Take a Stand!

This information has been collected from information supplied by a collaboration of the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Sheriff's Association and Radio Shack.