Reduce the Risk of Vehicles Being Stolen

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Over 1 million vehicles are stolen every year. In the time it takes you to read this , nine cars will be stolen!

Don't make it easy for professional thieves or joyriders to take your wheels.

Protect Your Vehicle

Bicycles, Motorcycles and Trail Bikes

Trucks and RVs

Cellular Phone/CB Alert!

Cellular phones and citizens' band radios are popular targets for thieves. Locking the car, parking in a well-lit place and removing antennas offer some protection. To protect your CB radio from theft, install it in a slide mount so it can be taken into the home or office or locked in the trunk when the car is not occupied. Keep a record of serial and model numbers and engrave an identifying number on the phone or radio. Another alternative is a factory-installed unit which is harder to rip out than a portable one. Anti-theft devices are also available. Buy cellular phones and CBs from reputable dealers.

License Plates

License plates frequently are stolen from cars and used on stolen cars used in other crimes. Get in the habit of checking your plates when you drive. A few drops of solder on the bolts or blurring the threads can help safeguard your plates.

Avoid Buying a Stolen Vehicle

If It Happens to You

If your vehicle is broken into or stolen, inform the police immediately. Stolen vehicles may be used in the commission of other crimes. Your quick action may both aid in recovering your vehicle and preventing its use for illegal purposes.

Take Action

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ID# or VIN _______________________________
License # ________________________________
Identifying Marks. _________________________
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Policy # __________________________________

This information has been collected from information supplied by a collaboration of the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Sheriff's Association and Radio Shack.