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City of Olean Squirrel Page

Welcome to the City of Olean Squirrel Page!  The following photos are of the painted 4-foot tall fiberglass squirrels that now reside throughout Olean courtesy of the Woodland in the City organization.  The Woodland in the City project  is an art display fashioned by the creative minds of Amy Sherburne, Bob Sherburne, Mark Barta and Evelyn Penman meant to promote the arts in the City as well as the local merchants who sponsored them.  Currently there are 28 squirrels in the city but plans could be in the works for more.

All proceeds from this fundraising project will benefit the Historical & Preservation Society, located in Olean. The donation will be used by this organization to develop and implement a plan for a children's hands-on learning museum based on Olean's history and how its natural surroundings influenced its early settlement.

Please contact Woodland in the City for more information at 372-5979.

To view the squirrels or learn more about the artists and sponsors, just click on the names of the squirrels to the left.